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SAP Eventus – Web 2.0 meets business processes

at blip.tv you will find a cool video on SAP’s newest innovations: 

Full Screen and Source: http://sapnwpadev.blip.tv/#858165


at blip.tv you will find a video on SAP’s newest innovations. This is sooo cool and you haven’t seen such things before!!!

Quote: Preview of an SAP Netweaver innovation project in development:
Unexpected events disrupt structured business processes, e.g. the discontinuation of a manufacturing part by a supplier.
End users can build a situational composite application to address the need of their situation, add content from different sources, and invite co-workers and experts to resolve the problem.
Eventus captures the collective intelligence in a rich context, and provides actionable best practices.

 Source: http://sapnwpadev.blip.tv/#858165



Webby Award winners

yesterday the 12. Webby Awards took place and the best webpages were honored.

The were a lot of categories:


and a lot of cool pages to look at. For example the best startpage could

be seen here:


The best navigation structure has www.ted.com

but i like much more this nominee


Flickr also won, but the Pentax Gallery is also not bad looking

http://www.pentaxphotogallery.com. But i love my Flickr Account so no reason to change.

www.last.fm was not mentioned, but i do not know why.

Also Apple won in a lot of categories

A cool animation could be soon at Coca Cola http://www.coca-cola.com/HF/index.jsp

The coolest thing for a loading page (in %) you have ever seen is visible here:


Shit, I am still at letter B (A-Z) and the Webby list seems not to end and there are a lot of cool pages left: So have a look on your own!





Internet economics and business models for the future



and J. Lanier


 from New York Times talk about internet strategy and how to create revenue in the web.

There is a trade off between generating revenues with free content and ads  on the one side, and on the other side micropayment which are on the radar since years but are still not established.

In my opinion micropayments are not going to succeed in the end due to the several possibilities getting free content on the web. Also if all companies start introducing micropayments for the offering or in general for information it would be everytime an attraction for a vendor to deviate from this position and building a monopoly in a market niche with free ad based business model.

So if ad based models for virtual content is the future all real products should get more expensive. You can see this in music business. Since napster started 10 years ago the revenues from selling cds break down and so the price for attending a concert increases every year. Also DRM is no final solution. As you could see Amazon uses this to attack itunes etc. with lower prices and without DRM.

If this art of acting in the business is comparable to other solution we are going to see increasing prices for real products in the future. The revenue from these products are athwart subventions for the freee information in the net due to the thing, that the costs of marketing in the web and so the free web inforamtion have to be paid with this revenues. So there is a significant dependancen between survival of the internet companies which offer free content and traditional business. Also consulting companies, and in general, service companies could benefit because they are not directly involved in this business and could create higher margins with lower costs of prodcution and selling their products. Enough for the morning. Time for lunch…

Taxes on internet trade and virtual worlds

Download my thesis as pdf:


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