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Stanford Graduate School of Business: The Personalized Web

As consumers are increasingly willing to share more about themselves in return for services, access to contextual information such as a person’s interest, location, and social graph is creating opportunities for richer experiences both online and in the real world.

This panel explores the new business practices these trends are inspiring and engages the audience to learn about how our experiences on the web will become increasingly personalized.

Why the Interest Graph Will Reshape Social Networks (and the Next Generation of Internet Business)

With the massive supremacy of Facebook in the social networking space, it’s easy to assume that the door is closed for social network innovation. The reality, however, is that we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of how we interact with and derive value and pleasure from our networks. There is good reason to think that even the way we think about who is in our social networks is going to undergo massive change, driven in part by our new access to strangers with common interests.

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