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IDC, Battelle and Hinchliffe – Top 10 predictions in 2008

Frank Gens just wrote in his blog about the IDC predictions for this year


I am working in a big software company so I should not make official predictions for 2008 in my blog…But you could also read the other predictions from

Dion Hinchcliffe  (on Web 2.0 things) 

or John Bartelle (on internet/IT markets)

There are several points the predictions move in the same direction: SMB market will be more important. Consumer market companies move in the direction of the business vendors, mobile internet comes up more and more, social networking site will consolidate but play a big role. The major companies from the last years stay the same…nothing especially new expected for this year, open source thing and virtual worlds very mentioned less thant 2007.

But what is not really included in the predictions are the macro economic variables like the slowing down of the big world markets like USA or Japan (Nikkei index is only at 14.000 something today). Although it is difficult to predict if the going down of the US market and the weak dollar will have real consequences (and which)for the chinese market the IDC report talks about moving more to BRIC and next eleven countries for more growth if north america and europe is saturated and have less growth than BRIC or next 11.

But if the US market growth really slows down and the depression not comes to China, the high risk investments in next eleven countries are going to be reviewed by the Fortune 500 companies. Going high risks in downward moving markets is also not the best strategy at the stock exchange. etc.. Read the news there are a lot of comments today on the world market 2008!

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